How To Optimize Your Article Marketing

If you’re running an online business, you probably have goals. Those goals are probably along the lines of: get more customers, make more money. If these are your goals, article marketing will help you get there! Here’s how to make the most of your article marketing:
Keywords and Article Marketing
Do some research! Figure out the best, most profitable topics you can write about. Make sure you’re writing about things you know, though, and topics that apply to your business. Get to know the terms and phrases potential customers use when they use search engines. Knowing this will make your articles much more effective, because they will appear higher up in ranking on search engines. When you find out what these popular keywords are, simply convert them into profitable topics for articles.
Titles and Article Marketing
Make your titles interesting and attention-grabbing. Short and sweet is best, but make sure readers will know what the article is about when he or she reads the title. Your articles won’t get you anywhere unless someone is reading them-that’s where the title comes in. The title should be enticing. When a reader sees the title of your article, he or she should want to click it and read the article. It’s important that the title be descriptive of the article, not just catchy, because if readers don’t know what the article is about, they probably won’t read it. The title of your article is the doorway between your readers and you. A good title will make sure they open the door.
Trust and Article Marketing
Earn your readers’ trust by writing high quality articles and giving them proof of your expertise. Write about things you’re knowledgeable about. Introduce yourself in the article-give them things about you that they can relate to. Fill your article with solid, useful information. Avoid selling in the body of your article; the purpose of the article is to pass on information, not to sell your service. Use the body of the article to establish your credibility and gain the readers’ trust.
Resource Boxes and Article Marketing
If you don’t leave a link to your website in the resource box, this whole process has been in vain. Make sure you leave your readers with a way to find out more about you and contact you. The purpose of your article was to pass on information; the purpose of your resource box is to sell yourself. This is your chance to advertise your business, so make sure you leave a link to your website!

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