The Truth About Getting Rich

Today I want to touch on MLM or multi level marketing. MLM is the way to make some serious money no matter if you have an online business or a traditional business. MLM is having others work either with you or under you in order for you to achieve more sales. A great example is an owner of a company sells product X, the owner then hires multiple sales people to also sell that product so instead of just 1 person (the owner) selling, he now has many selling and his chance at success is that much greater. The sales person gets a commission on each sale and the company gets the rest.
In the online business world, we call this affiliate marketing. There are two different ways you can do affiliate marketing. The most profitable way is to have your own product, the other way is to promote someone else’s product. If you have your own product, then it is the same as if you own the company. You will want to find affiliates (sales people) to help you sell your product and pay them a commission on their sales. The more affiliates you have, the better chance you will have at being successful.
If you do not have your own product, you can easily find a product and promote that for the person who made it. Now you are the sales person and you work on commissions. I am sure you can see the difference in earning potential between the two. However, with an online business and the Internet being as huge as it is, an affiliate marketer promoting other products can still be extremely wealthy.
There are other types of MLM. There are companies that will have what’s called pyramid schemes. This is where you have both uplines and downlines. The theory here is someone brings you in to the company and you are now part of his downline. You sell and your upline gets a commission. Your job is to then recruit others to join and they become your downline. Everything they sell, you and your upline gets a cut. Next step is your downline is supposed to recruit others to join and so on. This can be a very lucrative business if you and your downline is successful. In my onion, this type of MLM is much harder to be successful with because you are relying on so many others to succeed.
There are many online business on the Internet. No matter which you choose you will need to work hard at it to become successful. If you can find others to help you with your business, the more leverage you will have to earn a great living with your online business.

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