What Cooking Recipes Have To Do With Marketing and Business Success

My kids love it when I make French Crepes ( delicious thin pancakes). It got me thinking today, why do people love learning new recipes, and are prepared to religiously follow the step by step process with the end result in mind?
Here’s why:
In most cases they know the result is PROVEN, and by the way the photograph in the cook book looks yummy.
Plus if you wanted to reinvent the recipe, imagine how much time and how many resources (ingredients) you would need to waste before you recreated the whole process, with proven success!
The fact is you wouldn’t have the luxury to go on with trial and error, everyone would be starving before you reached success.
Doesn’t the same apply to growing your business? For every industry there are proven recipes to market and grow your clientele, and they invariably involve throwing in the right ingredients, consistently and at the right times.
Are you a business owner who chose to pour money into a creative process, looking for the magic logo, the magic jingle that is going to boost sales through the roof? Well you are doing it the hard way, trying to create a new recipe that is proven NOT to work for small enterprises.
So my advice? Find all the proven recipes that have been used in your industry to generate fast growth, and implement them systematically! Don’t let doubt slow you down…follow the book.
Start by visualizing the end result, your growth target. Like the yummy photo on the cookbook, it will motivate you to implement each step of the process, religiously!
And as you get through the process, please remember, only the numbers can tell you whether it works or not. It is normal to get the odd negative response or result to any strategy, it’s the final tally that counts.

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