Winning in Business: How To Really Make Your Email Marketing Go Viral

Getting people to spread your email around is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site with email marketing. Most marketers simply send their emails to their list members. Those with affiliate programs will offer them to their affiliates who can then distribute them freely.
Winning in business with email marketing takes creativity
But what about those of us who do not have lists, or they are very small. What about those who do not run affiliate programs and therefore, do not have any affiliates to help with email marketing?
That’s when you have to get creative. The way to do that is to add humor to your email. Why is this so effective?
A recent study by Internet marketing experts revealed that 89% of adult Internet users share their emails with people they know. It is the ultimate in word-of-mouth marketing. Those stats are just the beginning, however.
They also learned what type of content is forwarded most often. The answer: humorous material, followed by health and medical information, religious and spiritual content, games, business and personal finance tips, and sports and hobbies… in that order.
As you can see, humor is at the very top of that list. Which means, adding cartoons, jokes and funny video clips are sure to send your email viral. People will read it, enjoy it, laugh at it, and ultimately… pass it along to everyone they know.
In a world of stress and information overload, humor is a very welcome relief. Of course, people will read it. And they will pass it along also. Before you know it, thousands of people have seen your email message.
Around the time of the bird flu scare, Disney made light of this potentially serious issue by distributing an email depicting Donald Duck lying prone in front of the Cinderella Castle. The subject line read: “Bird flu hits Disneyland”. It was a positive marketing ploy that worked. Millions of people eventually received that email.
There were a couple of reasons why this email worked. 1) It was humorous, and 2) it touched on the hot topic of the day, which meant a lot of people were interested in reading about it.
Let’s face it. This form of “adver-tainment” is far more effective in your marketing endeavours than an advertisement. People tend not to read too many of those today. They would much rather be entertained, which in itself, gives you an additional benefit. It lowers their resistance.
Do you know what that means? They are in a more accepting frame of mind when they decide to visit your site. Before they even land on your page, they are ready to accept new ideas, such as why they should buy your product or sign up to your list.
People are much more likely to share a humorous email than one that promotes a product or service. Use this strategy, and you can’t go wrong. Your emails will get read by thousands, get distributed widely and earn you a certain degree of respect and much loved attention.

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